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​We are committed to reaching the city of Queretaro with the gospel message through local church partnerships, training, and community outreach.


Our church body organizes multiple mission trips each year with the purpose of reaching these individuals who live in a global city that is less than 2% evangelical. Our goal is to make 4 trips/year to Queretaro. Mt. Zion partners with local believers, missionaries, and an established church in the heart of the city. Through these partnerships, we send teams to assist in outreach and evangelism, theological training, and ministry events. As connections to the gospel are made, the local church body follows up continues to minister in their community. 



Each time will meet approximately three times before leaving and training will be provided. We fly direct from Atlanta into Queretaro (3hrs). We stay in a very nice yet affordable hotel with heating/ac, hot water, Wi-Fi, microwave, etc.  Queretaro is a bustling, culturally rich city with great food, colonial town squares, and beautiful people who need Jesus. You can expect to walk around the city and local neighborhoods, play in parks, and visit the local attractions. Missions in Queretaro is much more about “being” rather than “doing.” Although there is much “doing”, we want to be present with the people of the city and build relationships. Therefore, we walk around and meet people, have meals, join in a game of soccer, shop, and whatever else is necessary so that we can invite them to a gospel conversation or outreach event.



Completion of Team Member Application 

Active participation in all sessions of Pre-Trip Team Training.

Recruiting Prayer Partners

Adherence to all MZ mission trip policies as described in the Team Member Application

A background check along with Child Protection Training is required by the IMB for participation.

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