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MZFC (Mt. Zion Foster Care) exists further the mission of Mt. Zion to glorify God by making disciples of all nations. MZFC seeks to make disciples through the ministry of foster care. The Bible calls God's people to care for the orphan and the defend the fatherless and the orphan crisis across the globe, in our country, and in our county is out of control. 

There are over 300 children in Cherokee County in the foster care system on any given day yet there are only around 50 foster families. With 91 churches comprising around 36,000 members, the crisis in Cherokee County could be erased entirely if God's people would just answer the call.

Mt. Zion is answering the call in 2018! We are partnering with Faithbridge Foster Care to achieve this lofty goal. Foster care is part of an incredibly complex system that can feel overwhelming and confusing. We understand that. This is why we are so excited about our partnership with FaithBridge. They aim to do all they can to simplify the licensing process, making it accessible, manageable and approachable. 

FaithBridge has a unique foster care ministry model called the Community of Care that helps ensure foster parents, church ministry teams, volunteers and foster children succeed.FaithBridge is also a child placement agency, meaning they can license any family who completes the required paperwork and training.

How can I serve?


Volunteers are people of all ages and stages in life. Whether you are a college student, single adult, parent, or grandparent, there is a place for you! All foster families that have children in their home need a ton of support. Some of these opportunities can be seen in the graphic above and include help with transportation, meals, childcare and other day/evening support for a Foster Family.

Respite Family

Respite Families are the saving grace for Foster Families. These are the "Aunt, Uncle and Grandparent" figures for the foster children. Respite Families stand beside the Foster Family by providing another level of support. Overnight childcare, weekend care, attending ball games or recitals are just a few areas where the Respite Family supports the Foster Family. Our Foster Families need an extended break from time to time, and the Respite Family is there to provide an approved home for their foster children. To be a Respite Family, you will walk through the same training as the Foster Family. In other words, Foster families cannot survive without Respite families.


Foster Family

These are the homes that are willing to have foster children live with them for a few days, a week, a month or longer. However long it takes for the birth family to work on correcting the issues that stand in the way of their children returning home. Many times these children are much different than your own, and they come into your care scared and broken. Trust is difficult with these children. The Foster Family has to be prepared to work through many unforeseen situations while the child is in their care. Become a Foster Parent! 


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