Mt. Zion has a passion to take the gospel to Peru. We are committed to bringing the gospel to the Jauja Huancayo Quechua people group in the village of Quero. Through Connect Peru, a ministry of the IMB, Mt. Zion has adopted this unengaged people group high in the Andes Mountains.

Our church body organizes multiple mission trips each year with the purpose of reaching these individuals who have limited or no access to the gospel. Typically 4 trips are planned each year between the months of March and October with approximately 2-5 people on each trip. These months correspond to Quero’s dry season.

While in Quero, teams join the Quechua people in their daily tasks, sharing specifically crafted Bible stories to introduce them to the gospel. Tasks might include chopping wood, mending fences, cooking for school children, or taking animals high up on the altitudes to graze. Most importantly we are building relationships and earning trust.

Training will be provided for individuals who wish to participate in a mission trip to Peru.  A back ground check along with Child Protection Training are required by the IMB for participation.