Sunday School at Mt. Zion consists of small group Bible studies designed to foster close relationships, lead people to faith in Jesus Christ, and build Great Commission Christians through open group Bible study that engages people in evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, ministry and worship.

Our Sunday School classes meet at 9:45 am on Sundays. We have classes for all ages and invite you to join us. Preschool and children can check-in to Sunday School on the 2nd floor of our main worship building. Our youth meet is the chapel that is located in in front of the main worship building.

We also offer a “Discover Mt. Zion” Sunday School class quarterly that is designed for anyone interested in church membership. This consists of a 4 week course designed to help participants understand what our church teaches regarding foundational doctrines and how we function as a church body.


Discipleship Groups (D-Groups)

We encourage you to consider what it means to fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples of all nations.  We have D-Groups that are designed to encourage biblical fellowship and accountability as we pursue making disciples.  

To learn more about D-Groups, visit our D-Group page or contact Jason Roberts, Pastor of Discipleship and Administration, for more details.